Board of Trustees

With adoption of House Bill 1093, sponsored by Colorado State Senator Ron Teck and State Representative Gayle Berry, Colorado Mesa University got a new governing board effective July 1, 2003.

The Board of Trustees includes 11 voting and two non-voting members. The voting members are appointed by the Colorado governor, confirmed by the Colorado State Senate and serve staggered terms. The University faculty and student body each elect one non-voting member to serve two- and one-year terms, respectively. The board meets regularly throughout the year.

2019国拍视频自产在线|八戒网站免费观看视频|国产ar高清视频 视频The University president is appointed by and reports to the Board and is responsible for day-to-day management of the institution and its employees.

The Colorado Commission on Higher Education is the policy and coordinating board for the state's higher education system including Colorado Mesa University.

Policies and Governance

Trustees Policy Manual

Trustee Resolution Concerning Expectations Regarding Safety, Violence, Intimidation, Abuse and Discrimination

Release of Public Records


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